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Your Pet Deserves the Best.

From routine checkups to specialized surgery, let’s give them everything they need for a long and healthy life.


Is your pet getting the care it needs?

Pet ownership presents its unique set of challenges. From sudden illnesses to routine check-ups, making sure your pet is healthy and happy can feel overwhelming, especially without professional help.

  • Your pet has bad behaviors. New or chronic behavior issues can be a sign that something is not right with their health.
  • Your pet isn’t moving like they used to. Whether your pet is a backyard athlete or a competition animal, performance is important.
  • Your pet is in pain. It’s hard to watch your pet suffer from injuries or disease.

Your pet can’t tell you what’s wrong. You need an experienced and compassionate veterinarian team to diagnose, treat, and prevent health issues and provide your pet with a lifetime of care.

Our Services

Across the southeast, pet owners trust us with their furry family members. Our services include:

Preventative Care





Travel Certificates





Laser Therapy


Local Clinic · Expert Care

At Florence Animal Hospital, our goal is to be your trusted guide in pet care, providing you with peace of mind and the support you need when making decisions about your pet’s health. As a locally owned and operated veterinary practice, we are invested in the pets and pet owners of our community, while offering the expertise and technology of a large clinic.

Comprehensive Care

From routine check-ups to dentistry, we provide a wide range of vet services. Our experienced team pays close attention to every detail to ensure your pet receives the best possible care.

Specialized Facilities

We offer specialized services such as semen freezing for long-term breeding plans and advanced orthopaedic services, including TPLOs and fracture repairs.

Dedicated Boarding

Our boarding services include specific kennels for dogs and separate condos for cats. We also provide day boarding and extend our services to exotic pets like rabbits, birds, and guinea pigs.


Warning! The Dangers of Parvo

Warning! The Dangers of Parvo

As a pet owner, you adore your furry friends and want to keep them safe and healthy. There is a dangerous virus called Parvo that poses a significant threat to dogs. Parvo is highly contagious, especially among puppies and unvaccinated dogs. It can cause severe...